• Distribution

    Distribution is a mission, and consists of partnerships between major manufacturers and their representatives. We are proud to include products by DUCOR Petrochemicals and REPSOL Quimica in our product portfolio.

  • Trading

    A global network of over 40 producers allows us to act in line with the demands of the market. We supply you with PP, PS, ABS, PE and PA at competitive conditions.

  • Healthcare

    We are your technical partner for medical products of all kinds. With Respol as a strong supporting partner, we distribute and sell over 30 products for professional use worldwide. Our products help you ensure and optimise efficient healthcare for your customers.

  • Special Compounds

    We formulate and produce specialised and PP filler compounds up to a fill content of 72%! In addition to normal talcum, we use various types of micro talc, as well as mica, wollastonite, fibreglass and carbon black in combination with different chemical couplers as filler and reinforcing materials.

  • Reprocessed Products

    With average sales of over 1,500 tons per month, we are one of the largest suppliers of PS, ABS, PP, and PE recompounds. We use and differentiate between different value streams such as industrial residual materials, disassembly of electronic devices, vehicle disposal and PCW materials (post consumer waste).



Health Care

Special Compounds

Reprocessed Products


Since its founding in 1997, KUNSTSTOFFEXPRESS has developed from a conventional commercial agency into an international distribution and trading company. Today, it is considered one of Germany's most important distribution organisations. As a privately managed enterprise guided by the principles of lean management, KUNSTSTOFFEXPRESS always strives to satisfy its customers by delivering competitive products. The company is an economical, competent and reliable partner for standard polymers, as well as for customized complete solutions, tailored to customer requirements. These include full analysis to selecting the right products and customer-specific material solutions. Contact us, we have the right solution to meet your needs.


The company celebrates its silver jubilee (25 years)

9. June 2022

Kunststoffexpress Handel GmbH (KX) is currently looking back on 25 years of success! In 1997, Marcus Mahnecke, owner and Managing Director, founded a commercial agency under this name at the location of the company HQ in Bielefeld. Today, the company also has a service and logistics centre with over 5,000 tons of warehouse capacity in…

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K 2022 Trade Fair in Düsseldorf
(Stand C24 – Hall 7, Level 1)

4. May 2022

KUNSTSTOFFEXPRESS is an exhibitor at the world's largest trade fair for plastics and rubber! From 19th to 26th October 2022, KUNSTSTOFFEXPRESS will present a wide product portfolio in your five business sectors. The focus is on the range of opportunities in the area of prime goods, regranulates, compounds and healthcare. Come and visit us on…

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Healthcare Department opens

3. March 2021

REPSOL and KUNSTSTOFFEXPRESS Handel GmbH, in the person of its Managing Director Marcus Mahnecke, sign a distribution agreement for the healthcare sector in the Germany region. The selection of KUNSTSTOFFEXPRESS by the Spanish company comes as no surprise, as the company was ranked among the TOP 10 distributors in Germany in 2021. The company, also…

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We are one of Germany's leaders in the thermoplastic polymer industry, and have a wide-ranging network of producers. As a distribution specialist and technical contact partner, we are your plastics experts. We manage a broad portfolio of global producers of polymers at the highest level of quality. Our employees are professionals with many years of experience, and are happy to provide their expertise to you.


We are your independent specialists in the global distribution of high-quality plastics and polymers. With locations across Europe, we are able to react to your needs with flexibility. Ongoing quality assurance by our in-house laboratory consistently guarantees the best plastics for your products.