Some companies have only recently begun to focus on recycling - but it has been one of our main business areas for over 20 years: KUNSTSTOFFEXPRESS is your recycling specialist for disposal, processing, and marketing of PE, PP, PS, ABS, and SBS. With monthly sales of > 1,500 tons, we are one of Germany's leading companies in regranulate turnover. With KUNSTSTOFFEXPRESS, you will enjoy the advantages of working with a highly experienced and reliable partner who offers a market focus and technical expertise. We have a range of certifications, and stand out on today's market with our full-service capacity.


For our children’s future: KUNSTSTOFFEXPRESS is aware of our responsibility, and saves over 35,000 tons of CO2 each year - a figure that continues to increase.


KUNSTSTOFFEXPRESS serves as a consultant and partner for complete disposal solutions for thermoplastic materials! With over 15 years of specialised expertise, we want to help improve corporate carbon footprints. Implementation and development of efficient disposal and recycling concepts, our experience with thermoplastic polymers and recipes, separation of mixed plastics and collaboration with the Ravago Group and other specialist disposal companies enable us to purchase and process almost any thermoplastic material in any format, type, and quantity. We have recycling containers, octabins, crates, and containers in various sizes, which we can provide to our customers upon request for sorting and collection. We consistently sell the following non-reinforced and reinforced plastics: ABS, SAN, PS, PP, PE, PA, PC, PMMA and many more. Send us your materials list via email! You will receive an answer quickly.



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